Live from the Morganton, NC Factory!

It’s graduation season! Matriculations are happening all across the country AND at Chaddock College in Morganton, North Carolina. With a degree in Visual Arts and Art History, over a decade working in the world of design, and establishing Ford Design Studio in 2016, Rebecca Ford made a decision to go back to school … to Chaddock College. We wondered what motivated this busy New Jersey and Philadelphia area pro, and caught up with her for today’s blog!


CHADDOCK: Rebecca, you’re a pro with over a decade of experience in the world of design and now your own firm, Ford Design Studio. Why did you decide to go back to college, Chaddock College?

REBECCA: All the credit goes to IFDA, a professional interior design organization. I work closely with IFDA to develop design partnerships along the coastal areas of New Jersey and the Philadelphia area. But this time, IFDA led me to Morganton, NC! I first learned about Chaddock College via an IFDA email. It seemed like a great program, especially since I am in the process of sourcing new manufacturing partners with strong custom capabilities. Chaddock College felt like a must-attend for me.

CHADDOCK: We understand you cleared your schedule to attend!

REBECCA: Yes, and this is a busy time for me, on the brink of summer with second home projects on the go. The business of design is about trust. Chaddock College was an opportunity for me to understand the brand and see if they would be the right fit for me and my clients.


CHADDOCK: How do you judge the ‘right fit’?

REBECCA: There are a number of things. Great design and quality, plus, the willingness AND ability to partner with me on customizations, and the ability to hit my delivery dates.

CHADDOCK: Hope you like what you saw! What impressed you most about Chaddock College?

REBECCA: I loved ALL of the time on the factory floor. It was fascinating to follow the trajectory of an order, a custom order, from designer concept and CAD development into engineering and then development on the floor. The collaborative team approach and attention to detail blew me away. I thought, these are people I want to work with.


CHADDOCK: Is made in America important to your clients.

REBECCA: Yes, absolutely. My clients think it’s the ideal. For me, made in America also empowers customization, so it’s huge. I’ll add that the perception that American production is more expensive is just not true. At least not at Chaddock. They are super mindful about getting rid of waste and maximizing time and equipment. I saw that at every turn. When I look at the price and the completed product, I think value, and my clients will too!


CHADDOCK: What would you say to designers considering Chaddock College?

REBECCA: I’d say …. call your sales rep and apply. Chaddock keeps the class sizes small so they can’t say yes to everyone. If you do get to attend, Chaddock College will open a world of what’s possible when you see the logic and flow of the manufacturing process, and see quality from the inside out. Chaddock College is going to make you a better design professional – and you’ll even have the CEU credits to prove it!



The start of a new year is a great time to take stock, looking back on the “roads” travelled in 2017, and most importantly, forward to the 365 days of opportunity before us in 2018. Rest assured, we won’t be joining Alice on the random road to “anywhere.” In today’s blog, I’d like to share five critical 2018 guideposts:

PRODUCT! PRODUCT! PRODUCT!  We see a big opportunity in the marketplace. While there are many furniture importers and marketing companies, no one “owns” quality, and no company is better positioned to stake out this ground than Chaddock, as we control the design and manufacturing process from A to Z.  Our strategy is to continually add MORE quality to our products and eliminate waste. This creates more value for designers and consumers.

Lead time

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: RAPID  Today, the principles of continuous improvement are now engrained in the Chaddock culture. It’s what fuels the drive for quality just noted. In 2018, we are picking up the pace. Lead times are a great case in point. Chaddock’s 2017 performance was solid. Great is the target for 2018. As we start the year, lead times on standard wood and upholstery are among the best in the industry (at 5-7 and 4-6 weeks respectively). But we can do better – and topple the industry standard. A new Quick Ship program is a great example. Thirty upholstery frames in over 150 fabrics (plus COM) are available to ship in 3 weeks. This is not a static program. MORE product will be added to Quick Ship 2018, including selected case goods! This is just one example of RAPID continuous improvement.


CUSTOM SIMPLIFIED + EXPEDITED  Designers and their customers want unique customized furniture, and they want it quickly. Chaddock is developing simple-to-specify, nimble programs that significantly reduce custom lead times, currently at 10-12 weeks. How so? A few examples from 2017: Dining Pairings, Studio C By-The-Inch, hardware mix and match options, and a by-the-inch occasional program. These thoughtful merchandising programs – coupled with over 60 wood and paint finishes – allow designers to create unique designs with condensed lead times – and nearly instant gratification!

EMBRACE DIGITAL  Late last year, Chaddock launched an all-new brand website. We very much appreciate your favorable response to the new site, but know that our digital work is just beginning. The site will grow, expand and improve in 2018. New programs and product info will be added in real time, and we will develop key Chaddock quality and design stories that set our brand apart. Organic search optimization is a big focus, as is improving communications with our blog – like this – as well as email marketing.


THE TEAM’S THE THING  At the end of the day, it’s people – even more than product – that define Chaddock. Our “team” includes valued retail and design partners, in addition to the Morganton associates, and others representing Chaddock throughout the country – and the world. As a tangible example of our commitment to people, Chaddock has helped establish an apprenticeship program in Burke County, our NC home-county of residence. We are partnering with the local high schools and community colleges to develop the next generation of furniture craftspeople and leaders. Stay tuned for more info in an upcoming blog.


You’re invited to apprentice yourself to the masters at the exclusive Chaddock College September 18-20. Chaddock College is a 2-day immersion experience in the art and science of fine furniture manufacturing, including behind-the-scenes factory tours, seminars, learn-by-doing activities and networking.

Your instructors are industry icons and pros. Your peers are fellow accomplished design and retail professionals. The venue is the Chaddock factory campus in Morganton, North Carolina, the traditional heart of American furniture manufacturing.

Chaddock College is free of charge to qualified retail and design professionals.


THE NIGHT BEFORE, Monday, September 18

  • Hotel check-in the afternoon before college begins (4-5pm).
  • Followed by cocktails, dinner and networking.


  • See how manufacturing process improvements positively impact your creative job performance as a designer.
  • Demonstrations of how artisan craftsmanship techniques and modern technology combine to produce exceptional style and value for today’s clients.
  • Guided by master craftsmen, you’ll practice distressing, sanding, staining and sheen-application. Your masterpiece? A picture frame – yours to keep!
  • Wrap up the evening with cocktails, conversation and dinner with your classmates and Chaddock execs.


  • See how internal quality construction features – the invisible infrastructure – are the foundation of beautiful upholstery.
  • Witness the creation of made-to-order upholstery, including patterning, cutting, sewing, fabric application and custom tailoring treatments.
  • College attendees will matriculate the afternoon of Day Two. You’ll be ready to depart Morganton, North Carolina – informed and inspired – early afternoon.



CHADDOCK COLLEGE FACULTY: Your college deans include Chaddock VP of Operations James Kennedy, case goods manager David Cruise, and upholstery plant manager Louie Weatherman. Collectively, they bring well over 50 years of fine furniture manufacturing expertise to your experience. They are joined by dozens of Chaddock craftsmen and women, many born and raised in the furniture-making tradition.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Interior designers and retail sales associates seeking the next level of personal and professional growth.

HOW TO APPLY: While acceptance to Chaddock College is generally by invitation or referral, for consideration, please contact your local Chaddock representative, or email

FEES: Aside from transportation to and from Chaddock’s Morganton, NC, factory, there are no attendance fees. Chaddock is happy to assume the costs of food and lodging, to support your continuing education.



At Chaddock, “finished to perfection” is more than a tagline. We offer 66 wood and paint finishes, plus distressing and sheen options. Every Chaddock design is made by hand and made to order in a 20+ step finishing process.

It’s quite a story. And, one that begs to be seen, felt and touched. Chaddock is delighted to announce a new Finish Chip Program to help designers and retail sales consultants bring Chaddock’s “finished to perfection” story to life … and finalize orders.

The Chaddock Morganton, North Carolina, factory has completed production on over 30,000 individual 3×5-inch wood finish chips, available on two rings of 33 samples. Each chip represents the “standard” color finish, with no distressing. It’s best to encourage you to consult the price list for sheen standards.

A choice of 66 finishes is an amazing palette for creative designers. But, ours is a fashion business, and on occasion, finishes may be retired and new finishes added. With this core finish chip program now in place, it will be easy to add (and remove) chips as needed.

In the (unlikely) event you don’t find the ideal finish among these 66, remember that Chaddock is happy to collaborate on custom finishes, complete with strike-off panels for your review.

Finish Chip sets are available to authorized dealers and designers at a one-time charge of $100. To place an order, simply email This new program is a great selling tool AND value. The chips are produced with the care and attention we apply to customer orders every day. Now, we invite you to start creating!


For the past four years, Studio C has been many a designer’s go-to for high-quality and high-style semi-custom upholstery. Today, we’re pleased to announce Studio C “next generation” with a host of new options to support your design plans – and creativity.

As we share exciting program updates, know that some things have not changed. Chaddock bench-made quality remains fundamental to each and every design, including superior frame construction and 8-way hand-tied springs. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that makes the outside look so good. Every Studio C design is made to order and tailored to perfection in our Morganton workroom.

And now, a drum roll, please! Here’s what’s new in Studio C:

ARM STYLES: The Studio C lineup now includes a roster of 12 arm styles. Narrow Track Arm, Modern Slope Arm and Key Arm are new to the mix.

LEG-BASE STYLES: Our base styles show a little leg – or not! Specify Dressmaker Skirt, Kick-Pleat Skirt, and Upholstered Base. There’s a new Bun Foot among Studio C’s exposed leg options. They are all available in any of our 50+ standard finishes.

BACK-CUSHION STYLE: At launch, Studio C offered three back/cushion styles. You may now choose from six. Additionally, each is available with welt or saddle stitch (weltless). Designers are empowered to sculpt the just-right silhouette.

SEAT HEIGHT & BACK PAIRINGS: All Studio C selections are offered with a Seat Depth of 39” or 42”, and a T or Straight Seat Cushion. Now, you may also customize Seat Height and Back Height. Choose from these two paired configurations: 18.5 SH and 37 BH OR 20.5 SH and 39 BH.

FILL OPTIONS: Comfort is personal. Select from two Studio C firmness levels, plus the options of feather or fiber fill (for the allergy sensitive). Choose Comfort Plush and Comfort Down for a more relaxed sit. For firmer supportive comfort, choose Spring Plush and Relaxed Springdown.

STUDIO C COM ORDERS SHIP IN 3 WEEKS: Studio C is the perfect semi-custom upholstery solution when quality, value and lead times are in play. All Studio C COM fabric and leather orders ship 3 weeks from confirmation of order and receipt of fabric/leather. It’s more than a promise. It’s a guarantee. If we should fall short, Chaddock will cover the freight charge in the continental U.S.A.

TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Chaddock’s mantra is just say yes. Please consult the price list for a review of oft-requested options. Remember, we are always open to considering new ideas. Just ask.

PREVIEW OF COMING ATTRACTIONS: Stay tuned for Chaddock By-The-Inch, a new options program that will go to any length to fulfill your decorating vision!


Photo credit: Studio 882

The new Guy Chaddock Monterey collection crafted in distinctive Quartersawn Oak was a big hit at the October 2016 Market. Available in a new palette of exclusive wire brushed finishes, Monterey affords a world of choice to interior designers. Or so we thought!

Chaddock heard you. We are happy to announce that the Monterey Collection is also available in Maple, and at the same price as Oak – no up charge! As you know, most furniture makers are simply unable to offer a change of wood species within a collection. Chaddock is ready, willing and able – a result of our made-in-America manufacturing model and a company culture that seeks to please.

Monterey Maple dining table tops are an especially robust offering. They are available as planked tops (with scoring), smooth plank top (no scoring), inlaid plank tops (planks and lumber bands scored), and smooth inlaid plank tops (lumber band scoring only).

While a change of wood species may seem like a simple thing, in reality, it’s not. Maple and oak, for example, accept stains and finish treatments very differently. To be sure your Monterey orders – whether in Maple or Oak – are exactly what you want, please note two special ordering parameters:

  • Your approval of a strike off panel required on all Maple pieces with Wire Brush finishes. Why? Oak and maple respond to our wire brushing technique very differently.
  • Quartersawn Oak pieces may only be ordered in wire brushed finishes. Chaddock standard or premium finishes may not be specified. Color changes are significant and unpredictable. We cannot guarantee your satisfaction, so they are off the table!


Registration is now open for the next session of Chaddock College, the master class in the art and science of fine furniture. Class size is limited to no more than 15 attendees to offer a very personal learning experience. Best to sign up NOW to reserve your place. It’s a must-attend, and here’s a few reasons why…

No 1 Learn a lot: It’s no Animal House. We strive to make Chaddock College, collegial (of course), but you will exponentially increase your understanding of how fine furniture is made in this two-day experience. Most coursework takes place right on the factory floor. You won’t be lectured to; you’ll learn by doing. In fact, you’ll be guided through all the major steps of the wood finishing process and witness the upholstery process from start to finish.


No 2 Polish your professionalism: The world of design is fun and fashionable. It’s also highly competitive. What differentiates you from other talented professionals? How can you add more value to your client’s experience? Can you demonstrate a rare understanding of the furniture-making process to earn your client’s trust and justify significant purchases? Chaddock College will make you a better professional.


No 3 Hand rubbing and elbow rubbing: In our wood finishing segment, you’ll experience the hand-finishing process, including the final wool wax rub. Simultaneously, you’ll rub elbows with other retail and design peers and professionals. You may make important connections that will stay with you well after College.


No 4 About your diploma: It’s more than a piece of paper. In fact (spoiler alert!), your College term project is the hand-finishing of a frame, perfectly sized to hold your diploma. It’s both YOUR badge of honor and our gift to you – but only upon matriculation.


No 5 Tuition is not a barrier: Chaddock College class size is limited to 10-15 serious professionals. If you are accepted into the program all fees and expenses (including all food and accommodation in Morganton) are fully paid for by Chaddock. Your only financial responsibility is travel to and from Morganton. Chaddock has endowed this program because we know education is essential to our mutual success. Chaddock is on its way becoming the best fine furniture brand in the world. Are you with us?



At Chaddock, we love new beginnings. In fact, we look at every day as a chance to start over and be better than the day before. As you’ve heard me say many times, 2015 was a year of getting our house in order. In 2016, we demonstrated consistency and proved our strong capabilities in the areas of product, quality and service.

But today I want to look forward, not back. Top-ten lists are always fun and informational. Without further ado, here’s my top-ten list of what to expect from Chaddock in 2017.

#1 The A-Team – Chaddock continues to assemble the finest team of furniture pros in the industry … from skilled craftsmen and an all-star plant management team, to a growing and proactive sales team,  not to mention the many dedicated behind-the-scenes players supporting your business. What’s more, Chaddock’s owners and executive managers are all-in and committed to the growth of this brand.

#2 The A-List – YOU are on the A-list. It is our goal to establish meaningful relationships with the best designers and retailers in America and the world over. We believe that honesty, openness to feedback, and integrity in all our business dealings are essential to our success.

#3 Strategic Merchandising – We’ve established that Chaddock makes great furniture. 2017 will be the year of merchandising the assortment so that our manufacturing expertise offers designers and retailers logical, efficient and affordable programs. Specifically, look for news on a new Dining Table Program, and yet another significant tune-up for Studio C.

#4 Designer Collections & More – New product launch plans are in place for April and October, including some great new additions from Mary McDonald. The Guy Chaddock Monterey Collection – launched in October 2016 – will expand, and you’re going to see Chaddock branded collections become increasingly more important. As always, Larry Laslo and David Easton’s showroom presentations will inspire. We know you’ll like what you see.


#5 Showing Our Work, and Yours! – Chaddock will ramp up digital communications to inspire consumers and designers with photos of exciting personalized or customized items live from our Morganton factory floor – and better yet, your stores and client installations. A picture says a thousand words. Won’t you share yours?

#6 Website Updates – is a keen focus in 2017 with a twofold goal. Site navigation will be improved to put you in touch with relevant information quickly and intuitively. At the same time, the updated website will also inspire creativity with fresh images and behind-the-scenes stories that breathe life into our brand.

#7 Made in America – To turn a familiar phrase around, we believe that what’s good for America is good for Chaddock. We are committed to creating jobs and investing in people and technology in Morganton, NC.


#8 Industry-Best Lead Times – Chaddock continued to make tremendous lead time advancements in 2016. We will regularly update retailers and designers on our performance. The key take-away for you as we enter a new year is that you may TRUST our ability to deliver and order CHADDOCK with confidence.

#9  Chaddock College – WOW, what a great inaugural session of Chaddock College in November! It’s a program that’s here to stay. The 2017 calendar will be announced soon. And, we are working diligently (and we believe successfully) to secure IDCEC CEU accreditation.


#10 Continuous Improvement – At Chaddock we take nothing for granted. We understand that we must earn your business every day. Past success is no guarantee of future greatness. The mindset of working hard to improve every day is part of the Chaddock culture – and is the esprit de corps behind our 2017 undertakings.

From Morganton, North Carolina, to our valued retail and design partners, thank you for your business in 2016 and all the best for 2017 and beyond.



From Baby Boomers to Millennials, lively discussions around generations typically focus on furniture shoppers, and rightly so. As manufacturers, designers and retailers, we need to be in touch with the next generation’s needs and wants. Yet, it’s important to remember that emerging generations also represent future leadership. This is why Chaddock is actively recruiting rising talent for its Morganton, NC, Management Trainee program. Successful candidates with train with industry masters (like Dan Bradley and Jay Reardon), and ultimately be assigned a territory in the U.S. For today’s blog, we snagged Clara Osmont, a senior at High Point University. Looking ahead, Clara may join Team Chaddock upon graduation, but for now, we were delighted to have had her support at the October Market. You may remember Clara as our front desk receptionist. Clara offers some insights to tap into the power and potential of GenZ. Let’s go….

CH: Many of our established retailers and designers are interested – like Chaddock! – in attracting young talent, the next generation, so to speak. Any advice?

CO: One thing that I think really attracts people my age (and more broadly Millennials) is not only a good salary but meaningful work. Money is, of course, important – however, feeling like we’re doing something meaningful and with integrity is important. Having a great working environment is also a huge plus. If we can go to work and have fun with our colleagues in a pleasant environment that’s huge. Work is were you spend a majority of your time so it should be someplace where we can enjoy ourselves as well as be productive.

CH: What are you looking for in your first job after college, and next, what are your longer-term career aspirations, the next five years or so?

CO: I’m looking for a job that will help me grow. I want it to be a job where I can either commit to the company or use the experience as a steppingstone into my career and my future. In five years I would like to be in a higher managerial position within the company. I would also like to have a few side creative business projects of my own in the works. I’ve always been an entrepreneur and hopefully I can bring that into my job.

CH: What impresses you about Chaddock? What made you want to hear more, and consider a future here?

CO: What impressed my about Chaddock was the people. I met Missy [Mowery] and Jay [Reardon] at the [High Point University] Career Fair and immediately hit it off with them. Their energy and contagious enthusiasm for the business is what peaked my initial interest. I also loved how the company was an all-around American brand – high-quality furniture made in the U.S. with pride and integrity. Not to mention the beautiful product! When I worked as the Chaddock showroom receptionist during market, I lost count of how many people told me that the Chaddock showroom was by far the best they’d seen.

CH: What was the most interesting part of the Chaddock receptionist assignment for you?

CO: People watching! I also got to meet some awesome people. Chaddock has a great team of sales people. And I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the CEO Dan Bradley.

CH: Do you have a favorite piece of Chaddock?

CO: All the Chaddock pieces were gorgeous but if I had to choose I’d say the featured round  table at the center of the reception room was my favorite, the Meridian table.  It had both feminine and masculine elements. The rustic wooden tabletop and the wrought iron bottom made up of thin wire like legs. I want it!-Z_Meridien_qb4E7n7gufajJqljSGtImgUxSR180X-Kl2I91gS_koZ_Meridian_5y6bNyYOX4jkMEJTZXmgau71NwYyVpZ62BnRNUidKjE



Meet new Sales Rep Loren Reynolds, serving the great state of Texas (and beyond). Shown here in the Pickering Wing Chair at Meredith O’Donnell Fine Furniture in Houston.

CH: Welcome aboard, Loren. First, can you tell us about the interesting path that’s led you to Chaddock.

LR: I was not born into the furniture business like so many of my colleagues. I guess you can say I chose it. Better yet, maybe I was destined for a career in furniture and design sales. I studied architecture in college, became licensed, and then embarked on a professional career in the field. Discovering the world of furniture and design has been the happiest of accidents.

CH: Architecture’s loss. Our gain! Why did you change careers?

LR: I do love architecture, but something was missing. So much of my time was spent at the computer, without a lot of interaction and feedback from people.

CH: Does your background make you a better sales rep?

LR: Absolutely. Architecture, furniture design, and interior design have so much in common. The language and the aesthetic are the same. This has been an easy leap.

CH: What’s been the biggest change?

LR: Well, engaging with PEOPLE has replaced that huge chunk of time I spend face to face with the computer. At Chaddock, I call on what I term “legacy” accounts, dealers who’ve had a long relationship with Guy Chaddock and the overall brand. I love being part of that continuum. I also get to introduce Chaddock products and stories to new emerging designers and retailers. I love the variety of accounts and the people.

CH: What do your favorite accounts have in common?

LR: My favorite accounts ask a lot of questions – and I love it. I think this job is all about communication and problem solving. If I don’t have an answer, be assured I’ll get one. If there’s a problem, I’m all about solutions – and better yet, permanent ones! My dealers are also passionate and smart about their businesses. A genuine admiration for product often sparks initial interest, but they quickly assess the line from a business perspective too – is the style right for the customer base? Is customization available? Are the margins healthy? Can Chaddock support the business? I’m here to demonstrate yes, yes, yes and yes!

CH: What’s do you think about Chaddock so far?

LR: The people and product have amazing integrity. The sky’s the limit with Chaddock. That’s why I’m here. I love the culture and energy here. It’s very motivating to know that I can make a difference.