High Point Furniture Market


  1. ESTEEMED VISITORS. Like Mariano Rivera, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, and you, retailers and designers who chose to come in from the rain and shop Chaddock at the High Point Market.
  2. DELLA & FRIENDS. The CHADDOCK brand stepped into the spotlight this Market with notable new introductions, the Della Wing Chair among them, demonstrating the design and manufacturing excellence inherent to this brand.
  3. STUDIO C. Chaddock’s semi-custom upholstery program has taken a fashionable leap forward with additional standard options, and by-the-inch options coming soon. Look for new sales aids available soon.
  4. BEAUMONT BEDROOM & MORE. Mary McDonald is a design rock star. Together, we introduced 10 new items at the Market, including the Greco-Roman inspired Beaumont bed.
  5. YELLOW. Larry Laslo’s response to High Point inclement weather?? Color! Starting with a French Butter Yellow room to bursts of Greenery, lavender, and moody charcoal tones. This master of design drama continues to inspire.
  6. MILLENNIAL PINK. Pantone may have given the 2017 color nod to green, but the marketplace is saying pink, Millennial Pink to be precise. Mary McDonald loved it (with black), as did our PS collection color mavens…
  7. PS COLLECTION FOR CHADDOCK. Color is anything but a postscript for Chaddock designers Sarah Kennedy Dolce and Peter Sinnott IV. From the Pierre Frey wallpaper to color play in upholstery and case goods items, Sarah and Peter demonstrate that color is king in 2017.
  8. CHICKEN PIE & BANANA PUDDING. Brenda Thompson and her team of sous chefs are the best in High Point, with tried-and-true recipes, making Chaddock THE destination for the best furniture and lunch in town.
  9. UNSUNG HEROES. Nearly every item you saw in High Point was made to order and made by hand in Morganton, NC. Over 150 craftsmen and women make the High Point Market – and your orders – possible. We thank them!
  10. TEAMWORK. Chaddock has 15 salespeople that can act as one, plus a support team that routinely pulls rabbits out of its collective hat. Teamwork starts at the top. Thank you to our owners, managers, customer service crew, and reps for a Market to remember. We can do just about anything … together.


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The suggested retail price is $2,247, but absolutely no purchase is required. There are just a few simple rules. To win, you must be at least 18-years old, live in the contiguous 48 states, and agree to the announcement of your good luck via social media. Of course, the winner is responsible for all taxes, and must successfully complete a 1099-MISC prior to receiving the chair. Additionally, Chaddock associates and affiliate partners (such as our wonderful sales reps) are excluded. That’s it!

What about Chaddock designers and retailers? You are free, clear and entirely eligible to win. The only real question is how lucky do you feel? If the answer is very, prepare to take Georgia home from Market (or, of course, we’ll ship her to you). The winner will be announced as Market ends.

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Keeping it touch is not a one-way street. We love feedback. Especially when it comes to us (and the world) via Instagram. You’re invited to follow us, and if Chaddock isn’t already hanging on your every Instagram post, we will reciprocate and follow you back immediately. We’d love to see your design work-in- progress, mood boards, showroom photos, and installation photos. There are no voices or visuals more important than those of our design and retail partners. Our ears and eyes are wide open.

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than unrequited love, so imagine our immense delight when one of our favorite magazines sent us a valentine – and one for all the world to see.


XOXO hugs and kisses back to you, Traditional Home, for including the Mary McDonald for Chaddock Alix Side Chair in your timely roundup of decorating trends with Xs and Os in the February edition, on newsstands now. As it happens, Alix delivers on both counts: XOXO.

Alix is a study in geometry. The square chair back frames an X encased in a circle – or an O, if you prefer. Mary channeled Malmaison – Napoleon and Josephine’s summer digs – in the chair design. It’s one of her favorite periods, and it’s easy to see why. Louis XVI and Directoire style furniture is decidedly unfussy, but also beautifully and thoughtfully designed. It’s about imagination and meaningful detail, not ostentation.


Traditional Home chief Ann Maine first spotted the new Alix Side Chair at the October furniture Market during a personal tour with Mary McDonald. Our blog reporter was on hand to snap a cellphone, shown above. As the magazine’s 2017 editorial calendar developed, Senior Style Editor Krissa Rossbund was similarly smitten with Alix, and the chair made its way into Traditional Home’s stylish mix.

MORE ABOUT ALIX: The Mary McDonald for Chaddock Alix Side Chair (MM1657-26), W20.5 x D25 x H38.25, is shown here in 5800 Black Deco with Gold on finials. Seat upholstered in F6180 Seasalt. Alix is made by hand and made to order in Chaddock’s Morganton, NC, factory, and available in over 70 finishes, and hundreds of fabrics, including COM. Expected Alix lead time 5-7 weeks.


From Baby Boomers to Millennials, lively discussions around generations typically focus on furniture shoppers, and rightly so. As manufacturers, designers and retailers, we need to be in touch with the next generation’s needs and wants. Yet, it’s important to remember that emerging generations also represent future leadership. This is why Chaddock is actively recruiting rising talent for its Morganton, NC, Management Trainee program. Successful candidates with train with industry masters (like Dan Bradley and Jay Reardon), and ultimately be assigned a territory in the U.S. For today’s blog, we snagged Clara Osmont, a senior at High Point University. Looking ahead, Clara may join Team Chaddock upon graduation, but for now, we were delighted to have had her support at the October Market. You may remember Clara as our front desk receptionist. Clara offers some insights to tap into the power and potential of GenZ. Let’s go….

CH: Many of our established retailers and designers are interested – like Chaddock! – in attracting young talent, the next generation, so to speak. Any advice?

CO: One thing that I think really attracts people my age (and more broadly Millennials) is not only a good salary but meaningful work. Money is, of course, important – however, feeling like we’re doing something meaningful and with integrity is important. Having a great working environment is also a huge plus. If we can go to work and have fun with our colleagues in a pleasant environment that’s huge. Work is were you spend a majority of your time so it should be someplace where we can enjoy ourselves as well as be productive.

CH: What are you looking for in your first job after college, and next, what are your longer-term career aspirations, the next five years or so?

CO: I’m looking for a job that will help me grow. I want it to be a job where I can either commit to the company or use the experience as a steppingstone into my career and my future. In five years I would like to be in a higher managerial position within the company. I would also like to have a few side creative business projects of my own in the works. I’ve always been an entrepreneur and hopefully I can bring that into my job.

CH: What impresses you about Chaddock? What made you want to hear more, and consider a future here?

CO: What impressed my about Chaddock was the people. I met Missy [Mowery] and Jay [Reardon] at the [High Point University] Career Fair and immediately hit it off with them. Their energy and contagious enthusiasm for the business is what peaked my initial interest. I also loved how the company was an all-around American brand – high-quality furniture made in the U.S. with pride and integrity. Not to mention the beautiful product! When I worked as the Chaddock showroom receptionist during market, I lost count of how many people told me that the Chaddock showroom was by far the best they’d seen.

CH: What was the most interesting part of the Chaddock receptionist assignment for you?

CO: People watching! I also got to meet some awesome people. Chaddock has a great team of sales people. And I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the CEO Dan Bradley.

CH: Do you have a favorite piece of Chaddock?

CO: All the Chaddock pieces were gorgeous but if I had to choose I’d say the featured round  table at the center of the reception room was my favorite, the Meridian table.  It had both feminine and masculine elements. The rustic wooden tabletop and the wrought iron bottom made up of thin wire like legs. I want it!-Z_Meridien_qb4E7n7gufajJqljSGtImgUxSR180X-Kl2I91gS_koZ_Meridian_5y6bNyYOX4jkMEJTZXmgau71NwYyVpZ62BnRNUidKjE



CH: How many High Point Markets will this be for you, Steve?

SL: Wow, it’s going to be a big number and then multiply it by two. Let’s just say I’ve been coming to High Point for decades.

CH: How has the Market changed over the years?

SL: Everything is ratcheted up – more vendors, more people, and the pace is faster. Today, more than ever, the High Point Market is fashion week for the furniture industry.

CH: And what’s not changed? What is essential to the character of Market?

SL: Krispy Kreme is ever-present! Seriously, Market is always about what’s new, of course, but the show is also about forging relationships. I know Dan Bradley at Chaddock is always just a phone call away, and our rep is generally only a few miles away – if he’s not actually in the store. That said, Market is the natural opportunity to reconnect and build the business together. Market’s about relationships.

CH: What are you shopping for at the fall Market?

SL: How much time do you have? We have three extremely vibrant and healthy stores on Florida’s west coast. We are dedicated to bringing our shoppers the best of the best. Robb & Stucky is also opening two new stores on the east coast later this year and next. We are shopping and buying for both coasts. The Robb & Stucky buying team is disciplined and works from a slot plan, but we will go “off script” to deliver exceptional value and style to our customers. It’s our responsibility to lead the market. We are open to surprises and new finds.

CH: Is Chaddock on your shopping list?

SL: Absolutely. We are big fans of Chaddock. The quality and style are great. Our customers care about made in America – and about options, personalizing the look. We sell Chaddock as-shown on the floor, but it’s easy for Robb & Stucky designers to create something unique for clients. That’s a function of all your options.

CH: Guy Chaddock. What does the name mean to you?

SL: Guy Chaddock is an industry icon. When I was coming up in the business, Guy Chaddock finishes were just revered.

CH: The Guy Chaddock Collection is relaunching this Market. What are your expectations?

SL: Well, I know quite a bit about revitalizing a brand, and I think Chaddock does too. I’m expecting styles and finishes that honor the past, okay, but that are also really relevant for now, for today’s customers.

CH: Do you have a favorite piece of Chaddock furniture on your floor?

SL: I’m a fan of what sells! I’m not going to recite the whole lineup, but I’ll just say that the Regent Table in an exceptional gray finish was a brilliant buy from a few Markets back. That’s the sort of signature piece we expect to find at Chaddock.