Mary McDonald


  1. ESTEEMED VISITORS. Like Mariano Rivera, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, and you, retailers and designers who chose to come in from the rain and shop Chaddock at the High Point Market.
  2. DELLA & FRIENDS. The CHADDOCK brand stepped into the spotlight this Market with notable new introductions, the Della Wing Chair among them, demonstrating the design and manufacturing excellence inherent to this brand.
  3. STUDIO C. Chaddock’s semi-custom upholstery program has taken a fashionable leap forward with additional standard options, and by-the-inch options coming soon. Look for new sales aids available soon.
  4. BEAUMONT BEDROOM & MORE. Mary McDonald is a design rock star. Together, we introduced 10 new items at the Market, including the Greco-Roman inspired Beaumont bed.
  5. YELLOW. Larry Laslo’s response to High Point inclement weather?? Color! Starting with a French Butter Yellow room to bursts of Greenery, lavender, and moody charcoal tones. This master of design drama continues to inspire.
  6. MILLENNIAL PINK. Pantone may have given the 2017 color nod to green, but the marketplace is saying pink, Millennial Pink to be precise. Mary McDonald loved it (with black), as did our PS collection color mavens…
  7. PS COLLECTION FOR CHADDOCK. Color is anything but a postscript for Chaddock designers Sarah Kennedy Dolce and Peter Sinnott IV. From the Pierre Frey wallpaper to color play in upholstery and case goods items, Sarah and Peter demonstrate that color is king in 2017.
  8. CHICKEN PIE & BANANA PUDDING. Brenda Thompson and her team of sous chefs are the best in High Point, with tried-and-true recipes, making Chaddock THE destination for the best furniture and lunch in town.
  9. UNSUNG HEROES. Nearly every item you saw in High Point was made to order and made by hand in Morganton, NC. Over 150 craftsmen and women make the High Point Market – and your orders – possible. We thank them!
  10. TEAMWORK. Chaddock has 15 salespeople that can act as one, plus a support team that routinely pulls rabbits out of its collective hat. Teamwork starts at the top. Thank you to our owners, managers, customer service crew, and reps for a Market to remember. We can do just about anything … together.


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The suggested retail price is $2,247, but absolutely no purchase is required. There are just a few simple rules. To win, you must be at least 18-years old, live in the contiguous 48 states, and agree to the announcement of your good luck via social media. Of course, the winner is responsible for all taxes, and must successfully complete a 1099-MISC prior to receiving the chair. Additionally, Chaddock associates and affiliate partners (such as our wonderful sales reps) are excluded. That’s it!

What about Chaddock designers and retailers? You are free, clear and entirely eligible to win. The only real question is how lucky do you feel? If the answer is very, prepare to take Georgia home from Market (or, of course, we’ll ship her to you). The winner will be announced as Market ends.

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Keeping it touch is not a one-way street. We love feedback. Especially when it comes to us (and the world) via Instagram. You’re invited to follow us, and if Chaddock isn’t already hanging on your every Instagram post, we will reciprocate and follow you back immediately. We’d love to see your design work-in- progress, mood boards, showroom photos, and installation photos. There are no voices or visuals more important than those of our design and retail partners. Our ears and eyes are wide open.

Change doesn’t scare Rachelle Roth. In 1991 she and her husband Jeffery left successful, high-powered careers to start Urban Country. They were furniture novices who set new industry standards. Life and business changed irrevocably in 1999 when Jeffery died of brain tumor, but the idea of a “family business” took on even richer meaning as two of Rachelle and Jeffery’s daughters joined the enterprise. In today’s blog, Chaddock catches up with this entrepreneur, designer and mom to find out what makes Rachelle run… 


CHADDOCK: Urban. Country. Quite a juxtaposition. Tell us the origin of your company name.

RR: Our whole business philosophy – then and now – is based on the idea of blending. In the case of the name, it’s about an edgy urban aesthetic paired with a casual, relaxed country vibe. Urban Country is less about contrast and hard juxtapositions than it is about a seamless blend.

CHADDOCK: What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

RR: Starting the business in 1991, but I didn’t fully realize it then. We gave up great jobs. We had young kids. The economy was horrible. We were furniture beginners – but with great business acumen (him) and fashion sense (me). We wanted to blend our talents, so we did!

CHADDOCK: What’s the biggest upside to running a family business?

RR: Creating. Shedding old ideas. Some 25+ years ago, my husband and I were the ones innovating. It’s a kick to see our children – two are active in the business – charting new courses.

CHADDOCK: And – tell the truth – the biggest downside?


RR: Ah, see the last question. It’s hard to let go of what you think you know, but I’m a proud mamma!

CHADDOCK: Second career time. You’re starting fresh and saying goodbye to interior design. “I would like to….”

RR: I can see myself consulting on a fashion business, helping others break barriers – the mental and tangible ones. That would be satisfying.

CHADDOCK: If you were a CHAIR, what would you look like?

RR: I would be a curvy French bergère in mohair and velvet, please.

CHADDOCK: How would you describe your own personal style in three adjectives?

RR: Sophisticated, elegant, whimsical.

CHADDOCK: What attracts you and Urban Country to Chaddock?

RR: Chaddock offers such a panoply of styles. Urban Country is all about the blend, and Chaddock is a great fit. Styles range from buttoned-up traditional to outside-the-box designs.

CHADDOCK: Do you have a favorite piece of Chaddock? An item you covet?


RR: There are so many…. I recently downsized into a 1900 square-foot condo. I had to edit. The Mary McDonald for Chaddock goat-leg demilune was a must-have. It’s rustic. It’s classic. There’s the blend again! I live with and admire that piece every day.

CHADDOCK: What’s your personal motto, mantra or credo?

RR: Do what you love and do it with passion!

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than unrequited love, so imagine our immense delight when one of our favorite magazines sent us a valentine – and one for all the world to see.


XOXO hugs and kisses back to you, Traditional Home, for including the Mary McDonald for Chaddock Alix Side Chair in your timely roundup of decorating trends with Xs and Os in the February edition, on newsstands now. As it happens, Alix delivers on both counts: XOXO.

Alix is a study in geometry. The square chair back frames an X encased in a circle – or an O, if you prefer. Mary channeled Malmaison – Napoleon and Josephine’s summer digs – in the chair design. It’s one of her favorite periods, and it’s easy to see why. Louis XVI and Directoire style furniture is decidedly unfussy, but also beautifully and thoughtfully designed. It’s about imagination and meaningful detail, not ostentation.


Traditional Home chief Ann Maine first spotted the new Alix Side Chair at the October furniture Market during a personal tour with Mary McDonald. Our blog reporter was on hand to snap a cellphone, shown above. As the magazine’s 2017 editorial calendar developed, Senior Style Editor Krissa Rossbund was similarly smitten with Alix, and the chair made its way into Traditional Home’s stylish mix.

MORE ABOUT ALIX: The Mary McDonald for Chaddock Alix Side Chair (MM1657-26), W20.5 x D25 x H38.25, is shown here in 5800 Black Deco with Gold on finials. Seat upholstered in F6180 Seasalt. Alix is made by hand and made to order in Chaddock’s Morganton, NC, factory, and available in over 70 finishes, and hundreds of fabrics, including COM. Expected Alix lead time 5-7 weeks.

mm-collage-altDesigners tell us that Mary McDonald’s collection for Chaddock is timeless, even here at the start of a brand-new year. Mary is both a trend watcher and a trendsetter. We caught up with her at the very start of this New Year to see what’s up and coming in her crystal ball for 2017.

Mary says crystal, for one thing. Mary tells us to look for “faceted and ever changing ice, stone, rock layers,” and even crystal in 2017. Authenticity might be the buzzword with “facets, fissures, fractures, and all shapes resembling nature’s movement.”

Mary McDonald gives a thumb’s up to Pantone’s Color of the Year, Greenery. “Everyone will have a green thumb for the color green,” Mary says. We wonder if PMS15-0343 will factor in the designer’s April Market showroom presentation at Chaddock…. There’s so much to look forward to in 2017.

Finally, Mary predicts that “anything with the hand of a paint brush will find its way into fabrics and wallpapers” in 2017. May we add case goods to the list? Chaddock furniture is finished to perfection by hand. Distressing – mimicking nature’s beloved imperfections – and visible brush strokes are essential finish features. Good to know we’re right on trend!

Of course, Mary McDonald’s most compelling statement of what’s new and next for 2017 will be revealed in April, when the designer introduces significant new pieces to her 50+ piece collection for Chaddock. It’s not too early to mark your calendar. Look for Mary McDonald at the corner of Green (such a timely street name) and Hamilton starting April 21, 2017.

Above: Some of the textures, tones, shapes and images that speak to Mary’s 2017 forecast. Top from left: the designer, Drayton Center Table with a custom finish, fissure in the natural world, sculptural Georgia Star Back Chair by Mary McDonald. Bottom from left: Monochromatic facets, Etoile Side Table by Mary McDonald, accessories inspired by nature, gold and silver leaf finish setup at Chaddock’s Morganton factory. 


Shelley Selip is showroom manager of John Rosselli & Associates’ New York  showroom at the famed D&D Building. We caught up with Shelley to learn more about a recent showroom remodeling, including the New York introduction of Mary McDonald for Chaddock.

CH: New York is certainly the country’s interior design capital. So tell us, what draws interior designers to the John Rosselli showroom specifically?

SS: John Rosselli & Associates is synonymous with luxury and quality. We have a reputation built over fifty years’ time, with ideas, products and presentations at the forefront of industry trends. Our associates are tenured. We build relationships, and can engage on a project from beginning to end. Our scope can be comprehensive, or as simple as a single incredible piece. We do it all – expertly and beautifully.

CH: Location, location, location! Why is the D&D Building a great fit for you?

SS: The D&D Building offers the top of the line in New York, the U.S. and internationally. It can be difficult to get around New York. If I can walk into a single building with the best resources and talent in the world, I’m a better person for it!

CH: We know you recently undertook a significant showroom remodeling. What did you seek to accomplish?

SS: John Rosselli has been in business for 65 years, and designers think of us as the foremost place to shop. But nothing is static. It’s important to freshen the look, and infuse the showroom with new colors, styles, products and visual presentations.

CH: How does Mary McDonald for Chaddock fit into this master creative plan?

SS: Mary McDonald is a perfect fit for us, and introducing the line from Chaddock has been a big part of our creative refresh strategy. Mary’s pieces are so timeless – suitable for contemporary or more traditional design plans. I will say our team did an outstanding job with the display – at the very front of the showroom. It’s a new element of wow.

CH: Tell us about a favorite Mary McDonald piece. SS: For a large statement piece, it’s the Josephine Cabinet. With a deep black finish, bold mullions and red interior, it’s a showstopper at the entrance to the showroom. It sets a tone of drama. We think it’s a wonderful “welcome” to what is essentially a new showroom. 2016 is going to be a great year.

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donna ballMeet Donna Ball, owner of the second-generation Georgia Furniture and Interiors in Savannah, Georgia. Donna and team hosted a “meet and greet” with Chaddock designer, TV star and style arbiter Mary McDonald on December 2, 2015. It was part of Mary’s whirlwind tour of Savannah with the area’s esteemed Telfair Museums.

CH: Georgia Furniture & Interiors has been in business for over forty years, but you’re a new Chaddock retailer. Tell us about your introduction to the line.

DB: Last April, we were wrapping up Market, and decided almost on a whim to pop into Chaddock – our last stop. Our rep, Bill Minchew, is terrific – always extending invitations, dying to get us into the space. I’m so glad he persevered because we were totally wowed with the Chaddock showroom. It’s high on our shopping list now.

CH: That’s our goal! What specifically caught your eye?

DB: Everything. We wanted the whole showroom. The product and presentation were excellent. And we felt so welcomed by everyone. Chaddock was far and away the best thing we saw at Market.

CH: How is Chaddock a good fit for Savannah?

DB: Naturally, I love Savannah, but it’s a challenging area from a design perspective. Overall, Savannah style is traditional to transitional, and clean lined. We’re a southern city after all, but  remember there’s a strong coastal influence. And there’s something else. The arts flourish here. Savannah is classic AND edgy at the same time.

CH: Not everyone can strike that balance?

DB: It’s tricky! Chaddock designs have a sense of provenance and pedigree, but the styles are forward thinking and not stuck in the past. With all the options the company offers – it’s a designer’s dream – it’s easy to personalize the look. And there’s no compromise of quality.

CH: Do you have favorite pieces of Mary McDonald for Chaddock?

DB: Mary’s product is actually fairly new to the floor, but an early favorite is the Maison sofa. Great classic styling with novel attention to detail, like the notched back and sculpted legs, that elevate the look.

CH: You hosted Mary McDonald – together with Savannah’s Telfair Museums – just a few days ago. How did you find Mary in person?

DB: I know she’s a Californian, but she was perfectly at home in Savannah. She’s amazingly creative and generous, sharing ideas and inspiration. Mary McDonald for Chaddock really speaks for itself, but it was a treat to have the design visionary in our market!

Left to right: Blogger Emily McCarthy, Mary McDonald and Donna Ball