David Easton

David Easton is the dean of American architecture and design. He spots trends - and sets them.

Ask David Easton what inspires his architecture, interiors, and furniture designs, and “wanderlust” will be very high on the list. “Travel opens up the sight lines,” according to David, “and is certainly a primary source of inspiration behind my collection for Chaddock.”

Given his penchant for travel – the more exotic the better – you may find it surprising that David’s top trend for the New Year is MADE IN AMERICA.

The David Easton for Chaddock Oaklawn Sideboard in the making at Chaddock's Morganton factory.

Actually, it makes perfect sense and is perfectly timely. Travel fuels the designer’s imagination. “Chaddock brings it to life in their Morganton, NC, factory. Quality and craftsmanship are not sourced out,” explains David, “they are integral to every design.”

In 2016, David and partner Jimmy Steinmeyer went back to their Midwest roots, moving the rebranded design offices of Easton-Steinmeyer & Associates to Tulsa, OK. “We used to call Tulsa our getaway, now we call it home, or perhaps home base, as we are still quite on the move. And, of course, we will always have a New York office,” David explains.

Imagine. Tulsa, Oklahoma is the new world headquarters for Easton-Steinmeyer & Associates.

David predicts that furniture designs will continue to be globally inspired with a thoughtful mix of periods and styles, but there is a powerful groundswell toward American craftsmanship.

“I read that this may be the post-truth era, but I believe people crave authenticity. That’s what resonates with Chaddock’s made in America approach. I hear their doors are always open. Designers who want to see what made-to-order, made-by-hand furniture looks like should enter Morganton, NC in their GPS. I may see them there. It’s only a short trip from Tulsa.”

David Easton's new Tulsa showroom is a great place to shop his collection for Chaddock.