Q&A with Creative Multitasker Susan Stutheit


Sutter Place Interiors’ Susan Stutheit has mastered the hat trick. Senior designer, buyer, and manager, Susan is the quintessential industry professional. Chaddock got curious. What skills, background and personality traits allow Susan Stutheit to pull off this trifecta, day in and day out? Here’s what we learned.

CHADDOCK: How did you become an interior designer?

SUSAN: I grew up in a very artistic environment with paints and pastels all around me. My father was an accomplished carver and commercial artist. He basically reinvented the art of decoy duck carving. My mother had her own wonderful flair, too. I began my artful path as a graphic designer, but found my passion in interior design.

CHADDOCK: Second career time. If you had to do it all over again, where would your career path lead?

SUSAN: Into the garden. I love landscape architecture!

CHADDOCK: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

SUSAN: Flying around the world to Singapore as a young woman. It was a wonderful adventure.

CHADDOCK: Can you describe your business philosophy in a few words?

SUSAN: Go with your gut. It can feel risky to trust your own instincts, but it has always served me well!

CHADDOCK: Pretend you are piece of furniture and not a human being. What piece of furniture would you be?

SUSAN: I discussed this with my team, and we are ALL of one mind, which is unusual. I am a black lacquered high boy with a myriad of compartments all lined in cheetah, and finished with pearl pulls. Like me, this piece is classic with a twist, and always wears pearls!

CHADDOCK: What attracts you and Sutter Place to Chaddock?

SUSAN: Made in America – and all it brings – is very important to me. I’m impressed by Chaddock’s history, quality and depth of finishes. Trust is important. My rep, David Yates, is a true partner, as is the team in Morganton.

CHADDOCK: Do you have a favorite piece of Chaddock?


SUSAN: I love the Mary McDonald collection, every piece. If I can only choose one favorite, the Napoleon stool always makes my heart skip a beat. It’s a perfect little gem.

CHADDOCK: You have the stage and the mic. Any advice for Chaddock?

SUSAN: I think Chaddock has a clear calling to be the best. So, like my personal motto, I encourage the company to “go with its gut.” This means staying true to its values and principles.


CHADDOCK: What’s on your coffee table?

SUSAN: A lot. I’m with Tony Duquette. More is more.

CHADDOCK: What’s your favorite room in your house?

SUSAN: Right now, you’ll find me on the patio with shade, fans, and a fresh blue-and-white palette.

CHADDOCK: What’s your favorite color?

SUSAN: Black. The runner up is warm soft pink. And I love the two together!

CHADDOCK: How would you sum up Lincoln style in three words?

SUSAN: Sophisticated, intellectual and welcoming. What a great vibe!


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