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April 2016

DanBy Dan Bradley

Chaddock has undergone a transformation over the course of the last year. Yet, many of the improvements may not be readily apparent to you. Such is the nature of significant enhancements of factory operations.

Right now, however, I’m delighted to share details of a new program that demonstrates what Chaddock 2016 is all about.

Effective immediately, fully upholstered COM and COL orders will be available to ship in five weeks following receipt and approval of the order/fabric. Beautifully styled quality upholstery has always been a Chaddock core competency. Going forward, we will also offer you – and your clients – some of the best lead times in the industry. Early feedback to this new program has been most encouraging. Thank you to Chaddock dealers and designers for your strong positive response…

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Now, there are a few “disclaimers” to this program. I think you’ll agree they are reasonable and understandable.

For the present, Chaddock inline fabrics are excluded. This is simply because Chaddock does not control mill ship dates. Once inline yardage is received, we are confident the order will ship in five weeks.

Nearly 90% of the Chaddock upholstery lineup is included in this offering. Some wood-trim frames are excluded, such as the Demetria Chaise and the French Deco Sofa. Dining room chairs are, of course, not part of the program. You’ll find a list of the most current participating frames on our website. You may also  consult your sales rep or your customer service rep for full detail. I think you’ll be pleased to see most of your favorite silhouettes available for shipment in five weeks.

This new program is part of the Chaddock Promise. We are all familiar with “quick ship programs.” This is something more. It’s a way of doing business. In fact, if your approved order is not available to ship in five weeks, Chaddock will pay for the freight anywhere in the continental U.S.A. You are accountable to your clients. We are accountable to you.

Earlier this year, I forecasted that 2016 would be Chaddock’s breakout year. Today’s news – the Chaddock Promise with five-week shipment on fully upholstered COM/COL orders – is a demonstration of a new Chaddock.

Thank you.