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January 2016


Bob Shea believes in the power of relationships. Since day one back in 1996, his people-first philosophy is the guiding principle at his Ohio Design Center Showroom just outside of Cleveland.

CH: Pretend I’m a designer brand new to the area. How would you describe your company? This is your 30 second elevator pitch!

RWS: I’m not much of a speech maker actually. When a new client comes in I really try to listen. I’m interested in understanding their needs, background and perspective. I’d rather “show” than “tell.” I really try to demonstrate from the very first encounter that I’m here to help.

CH: What kind of ambience do you seek to create in the showroom?

RWS: I want my showroom to speak for itself too. My space is 3,000 square feet so it’s important to curate and edit the assortment. By showing various styles, I demonstrate breath of assortment. Designers shop for items and inspiration. I want to satisfy both goals.

CH: YOU are a shopper too. What do you look for in your vendors?

RWS: There are a number of things, but there are two deal breakers. I look for design leadership – including quality – and partnership. I ask my clients to trust me, so I need to trust my vendor partners.

CH: So how to you rate Chaddock?

RWS: Chaddock is a must-have line for me. The line is very versatile. You cover so many style categories, and the custom capabilities are in a league of their own. I did my due diligence before I introduced Chaddock. Of course, the showroom blew me away. I also went to the factory and met the people. I saw the quality and the commitment. Chaddock is a true partner.

CH: Let’s talk about the lineup now. Do you have favorite pieces of Chaddock?

RWS: My favorites are going to be what turns the head of my shoppers. Let’s just say the Dynamo Sofa is very well named, and Larry Laslo‘s French Deco Sofa is another favorite. Mary McDonald’s Josephine Cabinet is an amazing statement piece. Chaddock brings amazing attention to detail without going overboard. That’s why designers love it.

CH: Chaddock really hangs its hat on the ability to customize or personalize selections – over 60 finishes, for example. Why is this important to you and your designers?

RWS: It’s huge, and I’ll say made in America is also important. They go together, right? Chaddock can customize to the nth degree because the product is made domestically. Designers and their upscale clients want a unique look. Chaddock fills that niche.