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December 2015


donna ballMeet Donna Ball, owner of the second-generation Georgia Furniture and Interiors in Savannah, Georgia. Donna and team hosted a “meet and greet” with Chaddock designer, TV star and style arbiter Mary McDonald on December 2, 2015. It was part of Mary’s whirlwind tour of Savannah with the area’s esteemed Telfair Museums.

CH: Georgia Furniture & Interiors has been in business for over forty years, but you’re a new Chaddock retailer. Tell us about your introduction to the line.

DB: Last April, we were wrapping up Market, and decided almost on a whim to pop into Chaddock – our last stop. Our rep, Bill Minchew, is terrific – always extending invitations, dying to get us into the space. I’m so glad he persevered because we were totally wowed with the Chaddock showroom. It’s high on our shopping list now.

CH: That’s our goal! What specifically caught your eye?

DB: Everything. We wanted the whole showroom. The product and presentation were excellent. And we felt so welcomed by everyone. Chaddock was far and away the best thing we saw at Market.

CH: How is Chaddock a good fit for Savannah?

DB: Naturally, I love Savannah, but it’s a challenging area from a design perspective. Overall, Savannah style is traditional to transitional, and clean lined. We’re a southern city after all, but  remember there’s a strong coastal influence. And there’s something else. The arts flourish here. Savannah is classic AND edgy at the same time.

CH: Not everyone can strike that balance?

DB: It’s tricky! Chaddock designs have a sense of provenance and pedigree, but the styles are forward thinking and not stuck in the past. With all the options the company offers – it’s a designer’s dream – it’s easy to personalize the look. And there’s no compromise of quality.

CH: Do you have favorite pieces of Mary McDonald for Chaddock?

DB: Mary’s product is actually fairly new to the floor, but an early favorite is the Maison sofa. Great classic styling with novel attention to detail, like the notched back and sculpted legs, that elevate the look.

CH: You hosted Mary McDonald – together with Savannah’s Telfair Museums – just a few days ago. How did you find Mary in person?

DB: I know she’s a Californian, but she was perfectly at home in Savannah. She’s amazingly creative and generous, sharing ideas and inspiration. Mary McDonald for Chaddock really speaks for itself, but it was a treat to have the design visionary in our market!

Left to right: Blogger Emily McCarthy, Mary McDonald and Donna Ball


From Baby Boomers to Millennials, lively discussions around generations typically focus on furniture shoppers, and rightly so. As manufacturers, designers and retailers, we need to be in touch with the next generation’s needs and wants. Yet, it’s important to remember that emerging generations also represent future leadership. This is why Chaddock is actively recruiting rising talent for its Morganton, NC, Management Trainee program. Successful candidates with train with industry masters (like Dan Bradley and Jay Reardon), and ultimately be assigned a territory in the U.S. For today’s blog, we snagged Clara Osmont, a senior at High Point University. Looking ahead, Clara may join Team Chaddock upon graduation, but for now, we were delighted to have had her support at the October Market. You may remember Clara as our front desk receptionist. Clara offers some insights to tap into the power and potential of GenZ. Let’s go….

CH: Many of our established retailers and designers are interested – like Chaddock! – in attracting young talent, the next generation, so to speak. Any advice?

CO: One thing that I think really attracts people my age (and more broadly Millennials) is not only a good salary but meaningful work. Money is, of course, important – however, feeling like we’re doing something meaningful and with integrity is important. Having a great working environment is also a huge plus. If we can go to work and have fun with our colleagues in a pleasant environment that’s huge. Work is were you spend a majority of your time so it should be someplace where we can enjoy ourselves as well as be productive.

CH: What are you looking for in your first job after college, and next, what are your longer-term career aspirations, the next five years or so?

CO: I’m looking for a job that will help me grow. I want it to be a job where I can either commit to the company or use the experience as a steppingstone into my career and my future. In five years I would like to be in a higher managerial position within the company. I would also like to have a few side creative business projects of my own in the works. I’ve always been an entrepreneur and hopefully I can bring that into my job.

CH: What impresses you about Chaddock? What made you want to hear more, and consider a future here?

CO: What impressed my about Chaddock was the people. I met Missy [Mowery] and Jay [Reardon] at the [High Point University] Career Fair and immediately hit it off with them. Their energy and contagious enthusiasm for the business is what peaked my initial interest. I also loved how the company was an all-around American brand – high-quality furniture made in the U.S. with pride and integrity. Not to mention the beautiful product! When I worked as the Chaddock showroom receptionist during market, I lost count of how many people told me that the Chaddock showroom was by far the best they’d seen.

CH: What was the most interesting part of the Chaddock receptionist assignment for you?

CO: People watching! I also got to meet some awesome people. Chaddock has a great team of sales people. And I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the CEO Dan Bradley.

CH: Do you have a favorite piece of Chaddock?

CO: All the Chaddock pieces were gorgeous but if I had to choose I’d say the featured round  table at the center of the reception room was my favorite, the Meridian table.  It had both feminine and masculine elements. The rustic wooden tabletop and the wrought iron bottom made up of thin wire like legs. I want it!-Z_Meridien_qb4E7n7gufajJqljSGtImgUxSR180X-Kl2I91gS_koZ_Meridian_5y6bNyYOX4jkMEJTZXmgau71NwYyVpZ62BnRNUidKjE