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November 2015


Meet new Sales Rep Loren Reynolds, serving the great state of Texas (and beyond). Shown here in the Pickering Wing Chair at Meredith O’Donnell Fine Furniture in Houston.

CH: Welcome aboard, Loren. First, can you tell us about the interesting path that’s led you to Chaddock.

LR: I was not born into the furniture business like so many of my colleagues. I guess you can say I chose it. Better yet, maybe I was destined for a career in furniture and design sales. I studied architecture in college, became licensed, and then embarked on a professional career in the field. Discovering the world of furniture and design has been the happiest of accidents.

CH: Architecture’s loss. Our gain! Why did you change careers?

LR: I do love architecture, but something was missing. So much of my time was spent at the computer, without a lot of interaction and feedback from people.

CH: Does your background make you a better sales rep?

LR: Absolutely. Architecture, furniture design, and interior design have so much in common. The language and the aesthetic are the same. This has been an easy leap.

CH: What’s been the biggest change?

LR: Well, engaging with PEOPLE has replaced that huge chunk of time I spend face to face with the computer. At Chaddock, I call on what I term “legacy” accounts, dealers who’ve had a long relationship with Guy Chaddock and the overall brand. I love being part of that continuum. I also get to introduce Chaddock products and stories to new emerging designers and retailers. I love the variety of accounts and the people.

CH: What do your favorite accounts have in common?

LR: My favorite accounts ask a lot of questions – and I love it. I think this job is all about communication and problem solving. If I don’t have an answer, be assured I’ll get one. If there’s a problem, I’m all about solutions – and better yet, permanent ones! My dealers are also passionate and smart about their businesses. A genuine admiration for product often sparks initial interest, but they quickly assess the line from a business perspective too – is the style right for the customer base? Is customization available? Are the margins healthy? Can Chaddock support the business? I’m here to demonstrate yes, yes, yes and yes!

CH: What’s do you think about Chaddock so far?

LR: The people and product have amazing integrity. The sky’s the limit with Chaddock. That’s why I’m here. I love the culture and energy here. It’s very motivating to know that I can make a difference.