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October 2015


CH: How many High Point Markets will this be for you, Steve?

SL: Wow, it’s going to be a big number and then multiply it by two. Let’s just say I’ve been coming to High Point for decades.

CH: How has the Market changed over the years?

SL: Everything is ratcheted up – more vendors, more people, and the pace is faster. Today, more than ever, the High Point Market is fashion week for the furniture industry.

CH: And what’s not changed? What is essential to the character of Market?

SL: Krispy Kreme is ever-present! Seriously, Market is always about what’s new, of course, but the show is also about forging relationships. I know Dan Bradley at Chaddock is always just a phone call away, and our rep is generally only a few miles away – if he’s not actually in the store. That said, Market is the natural opportunity to reconnect and build the business together. Market’s about relationships.

CH: What are you shopping for at the fall Market?

SL: How much time do you have? We have three extremely vibrant and healthy stores on Florida’s west coast. We are dedicated to bringing our shoppers the best of the best. Robb & Stucky is also opening two new stores on the east coast later this year and next. We are shopping and buying for both coasts. The Robb & Stucky buying team is disciplined and works from a slot plan, but we will go “off script” to deliver exceptional value and style to our customers. It’s our responsibility to lead the market. We are open to surprises and new finds.

CH: Is Chaddock on your shopping list?

SL: Absolutely. We are big fans of Chaddock. The quality and style are great. Our customers care about made in America – and about options, personalizing the look. We sell Chaddock as-shown on the floor, but it’s easy for Robb & Stucky designers to create something unique for clients. That’s a function of all your options.

CH: Guy Chaddock. What does the name mean to you?

SL: Guy Chaddock is an industry icon. When I was coming up in the business, Guy Chaddock finishes were just revered.

CH: The Guy Chaddock Collection is relaunching this Market. What are your expectations?

SL: Well, I know quite a bit about revitalizing a brand, and I think Chaddock does too. I’m expecting styles and finishes that honor the past, okay, but that are also really relevant for now, for today’s customers.

CH: Do you have a favorite piece of Chaddock furniture on your floor?

SL: I’m a fan of what sells! I’m not going to recite the whole lineup, but I’ll just say that the Regent Table in an exceptional gray finish was a brilliant buy from a few Markets back. That’s the sort of signature piece we expect to find at Chaddock.